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the recognized leader in providing speech & language therapy - now providing teletherapy (on line) speech therapy services

Speech, Language & Literacy Consultants of Princeton serves the community by providing comprehensive speech and language evaluations and therapy programs to meet the communication and education needs of toddlers, children, adolescents and adults. Dedicated to excellence, a full range of prevention, assessment, therapy and consultation services are available to help clients achieve a lifetime of communication.  Comprehensive teletherapy services (on line speech therapy services) are available.

Speech & Language

Communication Disorders

Difficulty developing effective communication skills affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Examples include: 

   Delay in talking or in using language to communicate.
   ​Difficulty producing individual speech sounds or using clear speech.
   ​Reduced ability comprehending or processing language.
   ​Literacy weaknesses preventing the full development of reading, writing, and spelling skills.
   ​Reduced ability in the comprehension and use of language.

   Reduced ability to understand what others say, to speak fluently or to use more than just a few words due to illness.
   ​Voice problems making daily communication a struggle.
   ​Swallowing disorders making it difficult to swallow and  to maintain needs for hydration and nutrition.
   ​Experiencing communication difficulties due to the accented speech of non-native English speakers or of English speakers whose speech is characterized by a regional dialect.
   ​Inadequate public speaking and presentation skills for all speakers of English.

Full Range of Services

Assessment & Therapy

A Speech & Language Pathologist is a specialist in human communication: normal development, disorders and the prevention of disorders.  She is the professional who identifies, evaluates and provides treatment for individuals with speech, language, cognitive communication, voice and swallowing problems.

Speech, Language & Literacy Consultants of Princeton provides a full complement of speech and language therapy services from assessment to intervention and consultation. The highest level of expertise, combined with traditional methods and the latest diagnostic tools and treatment procedures, is the hallmark of the renown services provided by award winning Constance N Wieler, MS, CCC-SLP.

Constance N Wieler, MS, CCC-SLP is certified and trained to provide the following: Thinking Maps® certified trainer, Word Finding Assessment and Intervention trained, RAVE-O trained, Visual Phonics provider, SPELL-Links provider, LSVT certified provider, LMRVT certified provider, CSCFT certified provider, Estil Voice provider, P.R.O.M.P.T.  trained, Beckman Oral Motor trained and seminar assistant (June 2015), Fast ForWord certified provider.

  Use is made of many therapy programs and techniques such as Wilson Reading System®, LiPS®, Earobics®, Story Grammar Marker®,   SQ Write®, Expanding Expression Tool®, Language Circle-Project Read  and tele-practice (providing long-distance therapy).

Therapy Provided

Specific List of Services

Speech Sound Production
Oral Motor Therapy
Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Stuttering

Receptive & Expressive Language
Language Processing Disorders
Auditory Processing Disorders
Word Finding Disorders

Literacy Skills
Spelling↔Reading↔Writing Connection
Language of Math

Cognitive Communication Disorders
Dysphagia:  Feeding and Swallowing Disorders


Voice Disorders

Accented Speech
Regional & Foreign Accent
Public Speaking Presentation Skills
Enhancing Communication

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