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Enhancing Communication Skills

Publc Speaking

Presentation Skills

One hundred and twenty years ago, someone said, “In these days, whether we like it or not, power is with the man who can speak.”  What was true then is even truer today as we navigate our way through the “Communication Age.”  

Communication enhancement has the goal of improving everyday communication skills by focusing on elements of pitch, projection, and nonverbal communication and on improving  those features required in special communication events such as public speaking and presentation skills.  Just as in the nineteen century, “the time and money spent for training in speech and voice are an investment that pays greater dividends than any other.” 

In the communication age it is important to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. Constance Wieler has developed a unique three-step program for public speaking:  Planning, Platform Skills, Process of Familiarization.  With the help of Speech Language & Literacy Consultants of Princeton you develop effectice communication abilities to talk in front of an audience effectively and clearly.

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